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Views through a Window

This month I've been reading up on journaling in therapy, and the ways in which written words can both contain our experiences and yet give insights on problems or other ways of seeing situations.

It’s given me lots of creative new ideas for my counsellors toolkit,

However, one idea has been a great way of touching base with where I am at during the lock-down. While I have often kept a personal journal as part of my reflective and spiritual practice, recently I've come to see that this is also a source of grounding, of letting me embrace the current moment.

It's as simple as taking a few moments to touch base with the view outside your favourite window, what you see, and the response you have to the view.

Repeating during the day, or during the week as the view changes.

Just the focus gives us space each time we do it to ground and connect with the present, our environment, with the rhythms of the seasons, and if we let it with ourselves.

I've appreciated that sometimes the change is outside, the present or absence of sunshine, the rain or the leaves on the ground.

But reading back each day over what I have written gives me a good indicator of how I'm feeling. Sometimes it shows a day bursting with energy, time to be creative, read, deal with the admin. Sometimes it lets me see that I’m tired, down, or that the lock down stresses and niggling at the edges. It’s given me another tool to realise when I need to reach out to friends and connect, be extra kind to myself, increase the self-care, or find an encouraging book.

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