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I love the saying ... "It's ok if the only thing you did today was breathe".

I think I first found it as a Toby Mac post. It covers almost every place that we as humans find ourselves. The spaces where all we have energy for is breathing and being, and the encouragement to hang on... each breath brings life to us, an invitation to be and to stay being... To space to stop rest, take care of ourselves, take a moment breath relax, be kind to our bodies as they work protect and nurture us...

To the space after those slow gentle healing breaths that invite us back into rest, creativity and play. That let our bodies come to rest, and gives us the ability to think outside the urgent. At the end of a week of re-creating our social lives, re-connecting with those around us, remembering who we are at the office, gym, school, or home, there is a invitation to pause, to breathe, and remember the highlights, reconnect with the values, and know you can choose how you respond to the world around you.

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