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Acceptance & Faith

Updated: May 5, 2020

As a Counsellor, who happens to be Christian, my goal is always to be open to working with my client's where they are at, and with their understanding of the world. No one else has lived your journey, and given in the complexity of life, I respect that each person needs to be accepted in the context of their whole story, the told and the untold, without judgement, and without me making assumptions.

One of the phrases that stands out from my training, is that there is a good reason for every action, even where they want to change the outcome, or where it didn't work out the way they hoped. Sometimes that's a faith step, yet so far there are always hopes and values that shine through.

This is often where my personal faith turns up. For me, my Christian faith is the reminder that each person has value, are unique and bring goodness and beauty into the world.

My faith also speaks into the ideas of attachment, a deep belief that people require relationship with others to grow, that healthy relationships heal, and that respects the ability that relational breakdown, loss or relational trauma have to wound as well.

Faith speaks to the importance of acceptance of others, of appreciating the things we share in common, and the differences of personality, from experience, of culture and of the way we see to world.

My personal faith values also help me to recognise that spirituality, as well as our thinking, our emotions, physical well-being and our family or friends... contribute to well-being or distress. Holistic practice recognises that each aspect contributes to well-being.

Faith, and Spirituality are concepts that each of us hold differently, they are aspects of our lives relates to purpose, meaning, interpretations of events, and our understanding of who we are. these concepts are inherent to our self-understanding, our identity. As a registered counsellor, I am committed to respecting and working within my clients faith understandings and having their understanding of spirituality to play its natural role in supporting their growth and flourishing.

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