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A Cup of Hot Chocolate

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Simple Grounding Practices for Everyday Relaxation.

The last few weeks have had me thinking about grounding practices, the various ways to relax into the simple now, calm nerves, and simply be still.

One if my favorite ways to do this is to grab a cup of hot chocolate, but any hot drink works, and find a safe place where I can be undistrurbed for a few minutes. Then sit, breathe deeply and wrap my hands round the cup, taking deep breath's in hold and release as Focus on the cup, its look, possibly what you like about it and engage the sense sight

Acknowledging its warmth, engages a sense of touch,

Recognise the smell of the contents to engages the sense of smell,

Savour the taste .. flavour and warmth as it engages the sense of taste...

As you relax still breathing turn into the sounds around you, or not depending on you place... It won't work for everyone, but where it does its a simple method of relaxing into now, letting your emotions reset, ready for the next step.

Everyday Mindfulness, Valda Counsellor Taupo
Hot Chocolate Mindfulness

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