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Rescued Speech Therapy Poems

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Narrative Therapy has a beautiful way of saving our clients words from a counselling session, as jotted down while we are talking and handing them back to the client as either letters, or my personal favourite, rescued speech poems. They are great for re-remembering in times of grief, or when you are in the process of rediscovering yourself, or your values, or untangling a problem. As a Counsellor appreciate how they supporlt the healing process.

This one is developed not from a session but my journal... reflecting on the first 2 weeks of New Zealand's Level 4 response to CONVID-19.

March 2020 We know we are safe, Family prepared, Distant, but brought together by Messenger Opportunities to catch up, To recover the garden, A sense of having space to prepare, Of maybe space to re-prioritise.

But underneath, The stress of constant messages, Facebook, News Reports, Fear doing its job, protecting us, Nudging me to keep the rules, Messing with relationships, Messing with the beauty of just being. My room sits quiet, But I am not, I feel each muscle straining, A command to action That won't come, Rest doesn't compute, But rest is the gift of this moment. Reminders of how Safety gives hope, The gift of security, And the call to offer connection Where it isn't found, Responses of love, Resistance of hope against a virus ...

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