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Heart Story Counselling, Valda Gummer Counsellor Taupo,  Counselling Services

Valda Gummer
Heart Story Online Counselling, NZ

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About Me

Welcome to Heart Story Counselling,

Change requires us to rethink what's important, it can leave us unsettled and unsure of ourselves. Sometimes, we loose sight of  we value, and struggle to see the good things around the corner. 

Trauma, depression, anxiety, loss and abuse all work to undermine our sense of who we are, our purpose and our  enjoyment of life.  They can isolate us from the people we are about and who care about us. Sometimes it seems like they are out to take over our lives for their own purposes, they take over and take on a life of their own in our space

My hope is to create a space for you to relax, to rest, and to talk through the  challenges you may
be facing. For me counselling is about restoring that sense of self, of well-being, that life's challenges takes from us.  
I value that the way I work aims to give you control, and works with the strengths and values you already have. While, my training means I can bring in other perspectives or  tools for getting through these things, sometimes all that is needed is hope and and encouragement for  your own wisdom and experiences to shine through. 

As a Counsellor, I see this as creating a partnership, to support  you in achieving your goals. A safe space to explore what is happening, and where you can work towards options that sit comfortably with who you want to be. 

When I'm not meeting people, I love the chance to hang out with my husband, catch up with our adult children, potter in the garden or the kitchen, or  being out by lake and the mountains, or chilling with a good book.

I look forward to meeting you, so please drop me a message, book a session, or give me a call if Heart Story Counselling can support your current situation.

Valda Gummer Counsellor Taupo


Bachelor Counselling,


Bachelor  of Ministry (Spiritual Formation)

MNZCCA (New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association). 

MNZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).

ACC Registered

Counselling Approach

​Counselling Approach 

Narrative Counselling Taupo, Valda Gummer, Counsellor Taupo
Narrative Therapy

Often we get caught in just one part of our lives, one story that seeks to change the full picture of who we are. That tries to define us.  Narrative Therapy recognizes that it's good to claim back the other chapters, the strong, beautiful ones about who we prefer to be.

Counsellor Taupo, Attachment foused counselling
Attachment Focused

The places we belong, and the people that nurture us have  big impact on our well being. Supporting these places of acceptance, or support in grieving our losses and developing or  strengthening connections is often part of the healing process.

Spring growth on Wisteria
Couples & Relationships

 When the  relationships in our lives, with partners, parents, children,  are well connected we are free to most fully be ourselves.   I enjoy helping couples work with the underlying hopes for connection and restoring love in their relationships.

2 cups, orange flowers and sunlight through the window  in the counselling room.


Never under estimate the value of being able step aside, be truly listened to by  another,

whose purpose is to help you hear yourself better. 

Counselling Services 

 Counselling available for:

Relationship issues, 
Grief, or Loss,
Remembering who you are, 




Heartstory Counselling Taupo, Counselling room.



$120 per hour session  

Individual Counselling,

Youth Counselling
Children's Counselling
Relationship Counselling 

Couples Counselling 
Support person welcome.

Confidential, in person counselling, Taupo. No referral necessary.

Online counselling negotiable

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